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Cafro Plant

70,000 Sq. feet manufacturing facility in northern Italy

Cafro takes its name from the inhabitants of South Africa, where diamond deposits where first discovered. This smart idea belongs to Giovanni Mancina, who, in September 1955, founded a diamond tool Company, nowadays leader for precision grinding, Half a century has gone by and the third generation of the family is preparing to gather a tradition made of total commitment and deep knowledge of the market.

In 1995 the production area grew three times larger, in 1999 another 35% was added, today, the plant has a covered area of 70,500 sqf., where around seventy employees are working. Since 1996 CAFRO is certified according to ISO 9002:1994 and since march 2002 according to new ISO 9001:2000 standards; in this leaflet the product range and the sales network are briefly outlined. Our know-how covers the areas of planning and engineering our machinery and equipment, of research on raw materials and bonds, of new applications and process optimization for our tools, also through a continuing partnership with our customers and several European machine tool manufacturers.

Our production is structured in six manufacturing departments:
1.- Powder dosing and treatment, with research development labs
for bonds and raw materials;
2.- Mold filling, molding and post-curing for low temperature resin backings and bonds;
3.- Mold filling and sintering of vitrified and metal bonds, and high temperature resin bond molding;
4.- Galvanic vats for electroplating;
5.- Mechanical shop for turning, milling, cutting and grinding;
6.- Wire erosion, brazing, grinding, sharpening of PCD tools;
7.- Automated stocking system for finished products.

Diamond Pads

Diamond and C.B.N. wheels with resin, metal bond for grinding and sharpening on manual and automatic grinding machines, from Ø 20mm [.75″] to 750mm [30″].

Diamond and CBN wheels in vitrified bond up to Ø 600mm [24″], for peripheral speeds up to 140 mts/sec, equipped with dressing tools or rolls best suited to the chosen trueing system.

Electroplated Wheels

Diamond and C.B.N. wheels with resin, hybrid metal,

vitrified bond for C.N. high material removal machining centers, from Ø 50mm [2″] to 400mm [16″].

Diamond and C.B.N. wheels with resin, metal,
electroplated bond for centerless grinding from Ø 100mm [4″] to 600mm [24″], wheel lengths from Ø 50mm [2″] to 400mm [16″].

Diamond and C.B.N. cut-off discs with resin, metal, electroplated bond in continuous or segmented rim from Ø 20mm [.75″] to 400mm [16″], cutting width starting from 0,2 mm.

Diamond and C.B.N. mounted points also with bore, resin and metal bond from Ø 3mm [.12″] to 25mm [1″], electroplated from Ø 0,5mm [.02″] to 25mm [1″], vitrified from Ø 10mm [.4″] to 25mm [1″] .

ruedasdeamarilloagrisDiamond and C.B.N. electroplated wheels, plateaux, reamers, rolls, shaped discs and blocks from Ø 25mm [1″] to 600mm [24″]. Diamond and C.B.N. plating service on customer’s pieces.

Metal and resin bond honing sticks, expansion honing sleeves in metal bond, files and lapping files in resin, metal, electroplated bond. Resin bond pellets.