ceratizit_g_office_color_72_6cmTen years of CERATIZIT are synonymous with ten years of continuance of two companies with a long tradition. The merger of CERAMETAL and PlanseeTizit in 2002 was a fundamental milestone for the consistent orientation towards market development and the initiation of numerous product innovations. 

From the very beginning, a pioneering spirit and intrinsic knowledge of powder metallurgy have determined CERATIZIT‘s success. Intensive research and development activities taking into account your requirements and processes, are today‘s investment for the solutions of tomorrow. Innovation is the key to success – to your success.


Light Weight Milling Cutter Crankshaft Ceratizit

Light Weight Milling Cutter Crankshaft from Ceratizit

Sustainability has also been one of the topics close to our hearts in recent years. For five years now we have been collecting disused carbide tools utilizing the recycled carbide for the production of selected tooling programs and blanks. In this way not only the carbide is re-used, but valuable raw materials remain in the loop while we protect important resources for the future. 

Furthermore we think on a long term basis pertaining to the service life of our products. We continuously optimize the performance of our products – we enhance their quality and increase tool life. MaxiMill 271-17, a milling cutter characterized by particularly smooth cut, new grades for both the tool and die industry and rods as well as a patented coating for parting and grooving tools can be found in our product range. Convince yourself of the success of our customers.  

For the first time a main tooling catalog including all CERATIZIT inserts and tooling solutions is available to our customers. What was once exclusively available subdivided into segment or application-specific compact individual brochures has now been concentrated in a structured and systematic way for the entire range of cutting tools applications. 


Three Inserts Ceratizit

Ceratizit Carbide Inserts

For all users in highly complex fields of activity across all segments we have now created a valuable companion listing the entire line-up of high-quality and highly specialized tools for turning, parting and grooving, milling and drilling collected in one place, in accordance with your work processes, and defining all relevant parameters and grade descriptions. From now on a great deal of valuable time will be saved, as searching for the appropriate brochure in your documentation will no longer be necessary. All the crucial data can instantly and easily be accessed in the CERATIZIT ULTIMATE TOOLING compendium. After only a short time you will find that you wish to keep the C.U.T. catalog within easy reach, as you will come to appreciate its uncomplicated practicality as a valuable support for your applications. With ‘ULTIMATE TOOLING’ we wish to express how important we consider the availability of comprehensive qualified information and data for targeted optimization of your application processes, in addition to unique quality and performance reliability. The performance standards of our products are always based on the requirements of the most advanced industrial segments, such as aerospace or automotive, and have for the most part been developed by CERATIZIT for the company‘s worldwide leading high-tech production processes. This development has always been fueled by an unparalleled agglomeration of technical know-how and methodological competence, which for decades has made our facility in Reutte, Austria site a worldwide leading, acknowledged scientific center of powder-metallurgical research and application.

Ceratizit Front Page

Ceratizit’s Success

All employees involved, no matter whether from R&D, productions process development or customer assistance, have always been driven by the pioneering spirit of the company‘s founding fathers, who in the 1920‘s were already synonymous with inventions and developments which led to the utilization of carbide in today‘s form. The constant questioning of boundaries, resulting in the development of new standards and the search for totally new ways of using materials as well as the design of optimized tool finish and tooling systems have led to uncountable patents and first developments since the foundation of the technological leader companies in Reutte and Luxembourg, PLANSEETIZIT and CERA-METAL, until their merger as CERATIZIT, the innovation leader in the field of carbides.Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 3.57.39 PM

Only a vital PIONEERING SPIRIT allows for a technological standard which enables the operators in the high-tech industries to ensure their decisive competitive edge in the world market again and again. After all, only someone who, like our customers from the leading industrial segments, thinks and acts as a PIONEER himself has the chance to achieve both progress and growth. Consequently, in the cutting tools sector we have unconditionally committed ourselves to ULTIMATE TOOLING in order to demonstrate that we are a genuine service partner for all those who are always at the head of development. Take this ULTIMATE TOOLING catalog as a first step towards the targeted adaptation of our service structures to your need for qualified support, on the way to your own top products. Put us to the test – we know that real class must prove itself on a day to day basis.

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