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What is Best Carbide?        Is product strategy?

In order to meet the constantly increasing requirements for higher productivity, the product strategy focuses on the following tool objectives: Great cutting performance; Highest tool quality; Best cost competitiveness; Improved machining solutions for our customers.

Superior Grinding Quality Optimized Carbide Grades

Our advanced tools feature the following performance and quality characteristics:

Optimized Carbide Grades

Maximum cutting performance is only achieved when the carbide grade characteristics ideally fit the specific application needs.  While the argument for using only one carbide grade for all cutting applications may simplify the tool selection process, such a compromise cannot achieve the best machining result.  Best Carbide solves this problem by determining the optimal carbide grade for each tool series through its network of world-class carbide material alliances.

Superior Grinding Quality


Research on better surface quality remains an area of continuous technological advancement.

Since the cutting edge quality determines the tool life and cutting action, a superior grinding quality is critical.

Best Carbide applies over 33 years of grinding experience and expertise, and utilizes the latest Swiss and German CNC grinding equipment to produce a superior surface finish.

Highly Innovative Tool Geometries

Highly Innovative Tool Geometries

Efficient chip forming and evacuation is critical for optimal cutting performance. Highest cutting action cannot be accomplished by using only the standard geometries of universal tools. Such geometries are designed to manage a broad range of cuttingforces and do not provide the highest cutting action for specific applications. As a recognized provider for “special” tools, Best Carbide possesses the engineering know-how to design highly innovative tool geometries for maximum cutting performance.

Company History

Advanced Tool Coating Technology

Longest tool life and maximum application performance require the utilization of advanced coating technology.  As this highly innovative field continues to rapidly change, Best Carbide has established alliances to provide the latest coating advancements.

What competitive advantages does Best Carbide offer?

We are committed to Precision Crafted Excellence™.  Our customers gain competitive advantages through our Performance, Quality and Service attributes.

Advanced Tool Coating Technology


  • Optimized carbide grades.
  • Superior grinding quality.
  • Highly innovative tool geometries.
  • Advanced tool coating technology.


  • Latest CNC grinding technology.
  • State of the art plant equipment.
  • 92 automated CNC grinding machines.
  • Over 33 years of experience & expertise.
  • Best product / price value.


  • Commitment to total customer satisfaction.
  • Providing solutions with performance & special tools.
  • Fast turn-around time for quotations.
  • Outstanding order fulfillment & excellent customer service.