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Baldimore is USA’s made super-abrasive. Offering a complete range of diamond wheels, CBN wheels, and CDX wheels, covering a wide range of applications, such as fluting and gashing for the round tool industry, industrial knife grinding, saw grinding industry, among others.. Baldimore has created Diamond and CBN grinding wheels that are of the highest quality, specifically designed for the use in Manual or Semi-Automatic machines with or without cooling lubricant (Dry and Wet) for Carbide, High Speed Steel, and composite material grinding.


Through using high temperature resins, Baldimore has raised performance limits, hardness, toughness and structural integrity.

Baldimore’s Bond:

Resin (Phenolic) Bond:  Most common bond system used, it offers good elasticity, superior surface finish and highly efficient grinding performance.  It is typically used in manual grinding operations with or without coolant, however, is used for automatic grinding operations with or without coolant. Particularly suited for TCT tipped saws, carbide insert tooling, end mill sharpening, drill and reamer sharpening, as well as a variety of other exotic applications.

Polyimide Bond:  A high-performance resin bond used on CNC machines running coolant. It offers considerable performance increase over standard (Phenolic) Resin Bond. It has a greater stock removal, better form holding, higher temperature tolerance and minimal wear. Primarily used for extensive CNC sharpening of round tooling, manufacture of some smaller round tooling.


Hybrid/Metal Bond: Offers the best grit retention and a very long service life. Form holding is the best available, but it requires high horsepower machinery. These wheels are built for manufacturing of all types of tooling on CNC machines running high pressure coolant. Baldimore’s Hybrid and Metal bond provides a maximum stock removal and corner retention, these two are a hallmark of the new Pro 1 and Pro 2 Hybrid Bond Systems.

Vitrified Bond: For grinding very hard materials such as PCD, stone, or quartz, and Electrochemical Bond for burr-free cut-off applications.

Single Layer Super Abrasive products, (also known as electroplated or galvanic bond) and metal bond products using only VIRGIN DIAMOND and CBN (cubic boron nitride [cBN] commonly known as Borazon).  The products are designed and manufactured employing high technology equipment. and the finest quality materials.  All manufacturing and coating processes are accomplished under the most rigorous parameters. No products are shipped until they pass severe inspection in our quality assurance department.  All out inspection tooling and optical comparators are traceable to National Standards.

Baldimore Products will reduce your cost with longer life of the wheel, shorter cycle times in production, higher safety levels during processes and higher quality to your tools.